Consulting Services

  • Compiling and Updating Programmes of Works (Microsoft Project)
  • Business Process Systems
  • Timesheet Recording and Payment Reports
  • Cost Control Systems Design and Implementation
  • Small Tools Asset Management Systems
  • Vehicle Fleet Management Systems
  • Plant Management Systems
  • Inventory Control Systems (Site and Stores)
  • General Business Advice

All of us who are private business owners strive to optimize our companies, personnel and processes in order to be less wasteful, more productive and ultimately more profitable.

Sometimes we know exactly what we need to do, but we would like to have some expert confirmation before we invest in (often expensive) equipment, software or policies. Other times we feel something is wrong, but we cannot put our finger on it.

We help our clients go through this process of identification and improvement.

We listen to your ideas, we study your processes and then we propose cost effective means for you to implement. We also support you through the implementation process until you are confident about it and you are reaping the benefits.

The process of getting advice is simple - you phone us, we visit you.

This first consultation visit is free of charge and in fact all advice is free of charge. Only once we actually have to produce something for you will we consider charging a fee for it. Even then you have full control over the process and the fee will be carefully customized around your circumstances.

We believe that the old saying of "Knowledge is Power" has changed to "Sharing Knowledge is Power".

We share our knowledge freely to empower all. Our knowledge is relevant and rooted in more than 20 years of experience in the construction industry and management environment. We know the theory (as many people do), but we excel in applying the theory to realtime environments and this is the skillful part. The same theory cannot fit all companies, just as one shoe does not fit all.

Please call us for a consultation today so that we can get you moving faster in the direction you want to go.